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2020/10/08 10:42 2020/10/08 10:42

To be honest

2020/10/07 21:24

To be honest, if you’re not a selfish person who says that you’re going to do what you want with your salary difference, it’s not all of them, but I’m going to do what I want to do with my money. Yes. If you’re a man with that much personality, you’ll only have to raise money sincerely from now on. If possible, we can get you a small lease in the countryside. But it’s getting worse. He didn’t explain why his annual salary is twice as high as his savings. It’s a wedding eve, and we’ll have a serious. The other thing is whether you’re going to serve your mother separately, or you’If you still have problems with debt payments and so on, it’s literally the worst. Most of all, if you’re a really good person, I wonder if you’re not telling the truth about your family history while you’re guessing.You should have given him a choice, explaining his clear facts and future plans. As I said before, he may pretend to confess his conscience at a time when he can no longer reverse the situation, or he may be trying to get help from his own boss and get help from himself.

These days, we live separately, and we don’t blame anyone at all. It’s better for everyone not to get married like you’re going to go to someone else’s house and get married like that. It’s not like a man’s neck is being hung up and pushed for marriage, but he’s going to go to a place where someone else’s family affairs are at stake and try to live with his family. That’s not true. They’re using it. They’re not going to do it any more if they know it out. If your boyfriend’s parents are well-behaved, they’ll be more eager to marry their son. We’re not in a world where women get married for nothing. It’s natural that your husband earns more money than you do, and the basic mindset of looking for things like that doesn’t fit into the real world these days. But there are still a lot of people who think like this.

A man may have chosen to be a man, but the circumstances are not so good.ᄋ The woman who comes home is comfortable for her, but she is hard to take care of her mother. a family environment in which one may not apply to one’s home after marriage at least after marriage Now that you’ve roughly opened up your own situation, you’ve agreed to help your parents only implicitly. Since she’s a gentle woman, I think she can act as a surrogate. Marry it or break it up if you don’t want to. Especially, it takes a lot of money for men to earn twice as much as their annual salary. I heard you’re in some kind of business, but aren’t you paying off your family debt? My mom is a god.That’s why I’m living without a name because of personal rehabilitation, etc.If it is a matter of grave importance and intent to continue to meet Sunny without opening up in detail, Nim should also consider the possibility that she may be an innocent fraudster who is playing a good man to hide a big problem, who is waiting only after marriage for a pregnant woman.

You have to have a conscience, leaving a man and a woman. When Holsimo got divorced and raised a son like that, how much effort did he put up with? But to be honest, if you know a woman like Sunny has this kind of problem, you don’t want to stop her son. If it’s the same specification, I wouldn’t say it. It’s not like getting married, it’s like getting married, but honestly, isn’t it something to thank your boyfriend for marrying you? If you live like that, you’re not happy, and you can’t get loved in that marriage. It’s over when the couple breaks up, but the parents and their children go all the way, and even when they die, they’re in a bloodline relationship.

By the way, why would I change my position and meet a man with a decent job in a comfortable family? I don’t know what your job is.If you have a girl who is a 9th grade 1st grade, about 160 years old, except for her job, most parents who have sons choose a 9th grade 1st grade woman. I think an annual salary of 3,000 is about 230 after the year.If it’s a girl’s salary, I think she changed her company a lot because she went to a small business or changed jobs frequently.Honestly, you know that you can’t meet a man who is relaxed, right? I admit the man’s situation isn’t good, but…I think you should know that it’s not a condition to meet a man who is relaxed without your parents’ help, so I’m leaving a comment that hits the bone.

In another story, she’s making more money, and the male side’s worried that there’s nothing to do with her parents-in-law, so I stopped her from getting married, but she hasn’t been keeping up with her mental mind lately. If you’re a couple with a huge wage gap, and you’re barely on the minimum wage, and you’re making a lot of money for your husband, there’s no reason for a man to marry you. You know, honestly, your parents don’t seem to know that much. If you’re worried about holismo, there’s a lot of insurance for caregivers, and these days, there’s a lot of products that are fully covered, and if you’re a Sunny Boy, you can do that. If you’re going to live with your parents and children, you’d better not do it to each other.

What’s the use of 7,000 won a year? I have a lot of money that’s leaking. I’ll tell you about the friends and wife. It’s a similar environment to ‘s. Women’s parents were ready for retirement and men weren’t ready for retirement. After getting married and giving allowance to male parents, my father had complications from diabetes and I had to pay for the hospital expenses. Of course, the women were in a good situation, so they didn’t take their pocket money, but after years of building up, I couldn’t help but feel better. If the husband takes care of his in-laws first, it will feel like a woman is not good for no reason and feels like a lifetime.So even if there’s a difference in the family, it’s low for the poor or the ordinary.Poverty is insurmountable. You’re not bringing in the pillars of the house.

2020/10/07 21:24 2020/10/07 21:24

because they're not wrong.

2020/10/07 21:21

The reason I’m talking so long is because when a couple like this gets married, they always crash into the financial world. But these days, most parents invest and teach their sons and daughters. That’s why parents can’t get married easily, and I’m going to live watching a fool leave his parents and give money to the wrong person’s kid because he’s married, and his family is flirting with him. That’s why it’s good to meet similarly. These days, women pay for their living, and the rest of them don’t touch their husbands. If you don’t understand the structure, you’re going to be in trouble for months, and your child’s parenting is unacceptable to your spouse. I don’t know if it’s too tight for you two, but in the case of Sunny, she doesn’t have much to say about money. She’s got the same amount of money saved. Money is power. And the most ambiguous thing is the case of Sunny. I wouldn’t say why as a mother-in-law wouldn’t let me spend my son’s money and let the daughter of someone else’ A woman who looks like her son or a better daughter-in-law doesn’t even think about it, but if you think she’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who’s the one who That’s why I’m telling you not to go if you’re paid enough for a woman. They all have the same human mothers, so they clash with their daughter-in-law, their mother-in-law, their parents-in-law, because they’re not wrong.

2020/10/07 21:21 2020/10/07 21:21

Can you handle it?

2020/10/07 21:21

Estimation: If the family fails in business, there is a high possibility that there will be debt creditors due to a credit loan. So she can’t get a proper job or get a house. apart from having no moneyI’m glad you’re doing it alone. If you’re living as a Sheudo because you’re afraid your creditors will find you, so the man doesn’t have the low salary, the money he’s saving to pay off his urgent debts, and your mother shouldn’t use her name, so you might even have to put her under the name of her son’s name.You may also need to borrow your name from your credit card to various cultural activities. Literally, mother-in-law lives like a shadow. Under these circumstances, it is the type of sociopath that is often mentioned in the news or the feeling of inferiority. There’s a great possibility that he’ll be a scary man hiding his reward psychology and waiting only after getting married and pregnant. Besides, can’t you just let your boyfriend mother live on her own, let alone make a sacrifice?I think it’s a stupid idea, but it won’t end there for me to build a house. You can just think of it as a two-person support, plus a mother giving birth to a child. I’m using your name’s yours. Can you handle it?

2020/10/07 21:21 2020/10/07 21:21

There’s a hat like this in my mom’s cathedral. I’m a flower arrangement man with my mom. She lives alone. She’s 40 years old. It’s a big car company. I’m an engine engineer at the lab. I’m a very high-paying doctor. She’s tall. She’s not good at character. But she’s looking for a daughter-in-law in her 20s at the cathedral. She says she needs to be young to see her grandchildren soon, but she just doesn’t like an old woman who’s brain-wandering. Honestly, is a woman in her 20s crazy? Why would she go to such a place? If you ask her to send your son before he gets older, she thinks he’s got a big head on him, but she doesn’t know what the guy’s going to do when he gets married. These days, she doesn’t think she should be worse than her son because she’s not usually a mother-in-law.

2020/10/07 21:20 2020/10/07 21:20

women need to fix.

2020/10/07 21:20

The lady who arranges flowers with my mom says she’s so calm. We have a regular meeting, and she’s not going to be there if it overlaps with the day her son comes. I’m not going out to do anything for my son, but I’m going to grab him on the day he comes and go to the department store to buy a lot of things for him. So no one’s close friends are going to match. Because of the mother, her son is an old-age woman, and if he doesn’t have enough money, he sells his house and thinks about going to a narrow plain, but he doesn’t want to die. He has friends and he’s embarrassed and can’t cut back on the average. He doesn’t want smart, handsome daughter-in-law, because he’s responsible for all the expenses, so he doesn’t want young, innocent girls. It’s not like living real life and trying to live with a straw in someone else’s eyes. Frankly speaking, you can’t marry a woman like this. But this mother-in-law must have been a daughter-in-law, and I’m a woman, but I think there’s something that men and women need to fix.

2020/10/07 21:20 2020/10/07 21:20

I’m in my late 20s, and my boyfriend is in his early 30s.

It’s a time when you’re old and talking about marriage.

My boyfriend and I have a stable job and a good salary.

My boyfriend is 7000 before tax and I am 3,000 before tax.

He’s the best guy I’ve ever met, and he’s the one who takes care of me as I am, so I thought it’d be nice to marry him.

But as we talked about the wedding ceremony, I got to know about my boyfriend’s family affairs and money.

My boyfriend’s parents are divorced, and I’m living with my mother. We live together in my boyfriend’s house.

I heard that my father had a different family. Your boyfriend’s saved money.It’s about 3,000.I don’t think I even have a house.

She said that the house she lived in before she lived in was rented…He left the house and is living in a private house.

Even the man doesn’t know how much his parents have, but he says he doesn’t think he’ll save much money.

(I have about 4,000, and if I get married, my parents can help me.)

I thought it was okay if I didn’t have any money. It’s a big deal for me that my parents don’t have a home.I’m still at home. If I get married, I’ll have to let her live out of the house or find her a house.

Talking about this to my parents… You said you were going to meet a really poor man.They can live hard together, but is there any guarantee that they won’t open their hands to each other’s parents?

If you want to live a life of sacrifice, it would be fine, but if you want to live a life of traveling and buying one or two things like you now, think again…

How do married men and women stand?

My boyfriend has a very good personality and personality. He is poor but has no sense of damage, and rather than complaining about the world, he lives a given life silently.

You studied on your own and graduated from a good place, and you lived with a student loan for your living expenses while receiving a four-year scholarship. First of all, Bonnie has paid off her debts and her family’s debts.

If I get married, will I be able to live a happy life even happy life?

You can force it on one of these people, but… Marriage that I’ve been talking about since I was a kid is a reality, so if my parents disagree, I’ll never do it.It’s shaking.

2020/10/07 21:19 2020/10/07 21:19

그만 둬줘 제발

2020/09/29 22:48

그만 둬줘 제발
일도 못하고 개념까지 없으면
하나하나 신경 써야해
너같은 직원 있었어
나같은 경우는
다른 직원들은 나한테 주말에 먼저 연락해서 만나자고 하고
놀러 같이 가자고 하고 그럴 정도로 친하게 지낸다
윗분들 한테 다른 부하직원들 위해서 부탁이나 요청 잘 하고
잘 안 혼내는데..
유독 너같은 애가 있더라
다른직원도 대표님도 이상한 애라고 하더라고ㅎㅎㅎ
그 직원은 나때문에 그만둔다고 울면서 나가더라ㅎ
야이 폐급아

2020/09/29 22:48 2020/09/29 22:48

어렸을 때부터 남하고 비교하고 남을 짓밟아서 성공하려는 교육을 받아온 한국인 인성과 특징 남이 행복하고 자랑하는 일을 말하면 열등감에 미쳐서 깎아내리고 욕하고 저주하고 발작한다 남이 불행한 얘기를 하면 마음에도 없는 힘내라는 댓글달면서 본심은 본인보다 비참한 인생을 보면서 희열과 우월감을 느끼는 독사의 자식 사탄의 자식들이다 다른 서양나라 사람들은 행복한일에 같이 기뻐하고 진심으로 축하해주지만 한국인 자존감 낮고 자존심 세고 열등감에 사로잡힌 완벽한 사탄의 자식들이고 마음이 음식물 쓰.레.기라서 남이 안되는걸 바라고 희열을 느끼고 우월감을 느낀다 다른나라들은 한국보다 풍족하지않고 편리한 기술 없어도 마음이 더럽지않아서 행복지수가 높다 서로 못잡아먹어서 안달난 전투민족 악마의 자식들인 한국사람들은 서로 미워하고 깎아내리고 욕하고 뒷담까고 간섭하고 교만하고 무례해서 화병나고 마음이 썩어 문드러져있다 우울증에 걸리거나 자살률이 높다 서양나라와 한국인 댓글(본성)을 비교해 유심히 읽다보면 한국이 얼마나 답없고 생각없고 정신연령 심각하게 낮고 유치하고 개성없고 필터링 거치지않고 말하고 무리지어 행동하고 온갖 가학적이고 더러운 말과 행동 다하면거 본인은 좋은사람이라고 가식적으로 가면쓰고 기싸움으로 상대방을 피말리게하고 그걸 즐기고 남 눈치보고 남 시선의식하고 소심하고 비겁한 강약약강에 냄비근성에 낄낄대고 쳐다보고 성욕에 미쳐서 나이많은 유부남이 주제파악 못하고 신입사원 어린여자만 보면 껄떡대고 회식후 모텔끌고 가려고하고 침흘리고 더럽고 음란하고 포악하고 대접받고 싶어하고 관심받고 싶어하고 헛기침으로 교만하게 영역표시하고 약해보이면 무례하게 사람 빤히 쳐다보고 반말하고 강해보이면 대가리 박고 눈피하고 역겹고 가식적이고 토나오는지 지조와 믿음과 신뢰와 변함없는 사랑이 없고 명상과 자아 성찰없고 아버지 사탄의 본능대로 사는 짐승같은 한국인과 절대 결혼해선 안되고 회사에서도 마음주지말고 차갑고 내 할일만 하고 엮이는일 없어야한다

2020/09/29 22:48 2020/09/29 22:48

인천개인회생전문법무사 ( 부천 부평 김포 시흥 광명 군포 의왕 ) 변호사 무료상담

인천개인회생전문법무사 ( 부천 부평 김포 시흥 광명 군포 의왕 ) 변호사 무료상담

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/29 00:08 2020/09/29 00:08

대구 개인회생 전문 변호사 무료상담 ( 포항 구미 김천 경주 안동 상주 영천 영주 경산 칠곡 문경 ) 잘하는곳

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/29 00:06 2020/09/29 00:06

부산개인회생전문 ( 울산 창원 통영 거제 김해 양산 진주 사천 ) 파산 무료상담

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/29 00:00 2020/09/29 00:00

강남구개인회생 파산 ( 개포동 논현동 대치동 도곡동 삼성동 세곡동 수서동 신사동 압구정동 역삼동 청담동 )

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/28 23:59 2020/09/28 23:59

서초구개인회생 파산 ( 잠원동 서초동 반포본동 반포 방배본동 방배 내곡동 양재동 )

서초구개인회생 파산 ( 잠원동 서초동 반포본동 반포 방배본동 방배 내곡동 양재동 )

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/28 23:59 2020/09/28 23:59

송파구 개인회생 파산 변호사 ( 가락동 거여동 마천동 문정동 방이동 삼전동 석촌동 송파동 송파 오금동 오륜동 잠실 잠실본동 장지동 풍납동 )

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

2020/09/28 23:58 2020/09/28 23:58

다이렉트 주택화재보험 추천 ( 메리츠 한화생명 삼성화재 농협 ) 아파트 및 단독주택 상가 음식점 화재보험 가격 비교

다이렉트 주택화재보험 추천 ( 메리츠 한화생명 삼성화재 농협 ) 아파트 및 단독주택 상가 음식점 화재보험 가격 비교
화재보험 견적 저렴한곳 무료보험료계산

2020/09/28 23:56 2020/09/28 23:56

명품 경증 치매보험 추천 ( 메리츠 라이나생명 한화생명 흥국생명 삼성화재 우체국 ) 치매간병보험 가격 비교

명품 경증 치매보험 추천 ( 메리츠 라이나생명 한화생명 흥국생명 삼성화재 우체국 ) 치매간병보험 가격 비교

치매보험료 저렴한곳 무료보험료계산

2020/09/28 23:53 2020/09/28 23:53

비갱신 농협가성비굿플러스 메리츠내맘같은 어린이보험 가입순위 가격 비교 추천

비갱신 농협가성비굿플러스 메리츠내맘같은 어린이보험 가입순위 가격 비교 추천
어린이보험비교사이트 보험료 무료계산

2020/09/28 23:51 2020/09/28 23:51

비갱신형 암보험 ( 메리츠 농협 삼성화재 현대해상 신한생명 동양생명 AIA 우체국 ) 다이렉트 암보험 비교사이트

암보험견적 1초 잘나오는곳 무료보험료조회

2020/09/28 23:48 2020/09/28 23:48

수상한커튼 123

2020/09/27 23:39

수상한커튼 123

2020/09/27 23:39 2020/09/27 23:39

다이렉트 새마을금고 암보험 비갱신형 추천

다이렉트 새마을금고 암보험 비갱신형 추천

전체 암보험상품 통합비교로 더욱 저렴하게준비~!


2020/09/09 11:53 2020/09/09 11:53
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새마을금고 암보험 암보험금 확인

새마을금고 암보험 암보험금 확인

전상품 통합비교로 더욱 저렴하게 암보험비교사이트 무료보험료계산


2020/09/09 11:51 2020/09/09 11:51

KB암보험 DB암보험 비교사이트

KB암보험 DB암보험 비교사이트

암보험 전상품 통합비교센터 견적 잘나오는곳


2020/09/09 11:49 2020/09/09 11:49

우체국 암보험 추천 비교사이트

우체국 암보험 추천 비교사이트

암보험 견적 싼곳 1초계산


2020/09/09 11:47 2020/09/09 11:47

신한생명 암보험 홈쇼핑

신한생명 암보험 홈쇼핑

암보험 견적 잘나오는곳 무료계산기


2020/09/09 11:45 2020/09/09 11:45

현대해상 암보험 비갱신형 추천

현대해상 암보험 비갱신형 추천

암보험 견적 잘나오는곳 무료보험료계산


2020/09/09 11:43 2020/09/09 11:43

동양생명 실속하나로암보험 비교사이트

동양생명 실속하나로암보험 비교사이트

암보험 전상품 통합비교로 더욱 저렴하게 암보험비교사이트!

2020/09/09 11:40 2020/09/09 11:40

She's in her mid-thirties.

2020/09/07 20:55

She’s in her mid-thirties. Do you need a friend whom you know deeply and meet often? Since we meet every day in school and eat, we can’t help but have friends. Since we spend more time at school than at home, it’s natural to worry if we don’t have friends, but once we become adults, there’s no problem at all. I know deeply and I don’t have any friends whom I meet often or contact every day. I have quite a few friends myself, but I get in touch often… I don’t. If you call me from time to time, I’ll see you then. Everyone’s busy. Why do you think you didn’t do anything on the weekend because you didn’t have friends? I’ve never thought about it when I didn’t have a boyfriend. If there’s anything I want to do, I can do it. During my five years at work, I haven’t had a boyfriend for three years, and it was good to stay at home, go to Chinese and guitar academies, and I was so busy memorizing words and practicing guitar on weekends; it’s not a problem to have no friends. The first problem is that you’re so conscious of the people around you. Do you think I’m proud of being a friend? Second, you think so, but you don’t seem very motivated. Of course, even if she’s having a hard time, it’s not her fault that she doesn’t have friends.

2020/09/07 20:55 2020/09/07 20:55
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I’m also in my mid-20s, and I stopped dating friends who seemed to be with me until I died, and I was really tired and depressed at the time, and I thought I was the only friend I could talk to, but when I looked around, there were people who thought of me! So I did better to them! Why don’t you look around Tsuneido again and pay attention to the person who is good to the person who fits you well? I’m trying to make friends with people I met at work and keep in touch with often. There’s nothing wrong with not having any friends! I think I like my friends more than many friends who get along really well and understand my feelings. Now I just buried them in memories! Sunny, fighting!

2020/09/07 20:54 2020/09/07 20:54

I get it, I quit. Haha

2020/09/07 20:54

I have a moderate number of friends, but I don’t often meet them, I really want to read the book I want to read in my free time so I meet them sometimes. But I definitely help them with things I can take care of or help them with. I remember my friends’ birthdays and take good care of them. Then we won’t cut off friends. Now that I have some financial resources, I want to spend a lot of money on good things for my friends who want me to spend my life with them. Even if we don’t meet often, I have to take care of them first to help them. It’s not that the writer had a problem, it’s that he didn’t know. Even now, please help and take care of people first. I don’t want to spend all of my time because time is more important than money. But if I give it to you first, the other person will keep you from the bottom of his heart. But as long as I get it, I quit. Haha

2020/09/07 20:54 2020/09/07 20:54